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Different Types of Artificial Intelligence


Artificial intelligence is a method for learning a computer, a robot controlled by a computer, or software to think critically and creatively like a human mind. AI is accomplished by studying the reasonable process and researching the patterns of the human brain. These researchers expect to develop systems and software that are intelligent. In this blog, we will discuss the different types of artificial intelligence. If you want to learn Artificial Intelligence, join Artificial Intelligence Course In Delhi at FITA Academy, which will help you focus on providing the best training for Understanding Machine Learning Algorithms.

How Does Artificial Intelligence Work?

Simply put, huge, intelligent, iterative processing algorithms are combined to create AI systems. AI can now learn from patterns and features in the evaluated data due to this combination. An artificial intelligence system tests and assesses its performance after each round of data processing, using the outcomes to gain more knowledge.

Types of Artificial Intelligence:

Purely Reactive:

These machines, which specialised in a single line of work, have no memory or data to work with. For example, in playing chess, the machine observes the moves and makes the move that will give it the greatest chance of winning. Enrol in an Artificial Intelligence Course in Ahmedabad for your best training with career guidance to learn more about Artificial Intelligence and its applications.

Limited Memory:

These machines collect previous data and keep adding to their memory. They have enough experience or knowledge to make wise decisions, but their memory is very limited. For example, using the gathered information, this system can recommend a restaurant.

Theory of Mind:

This type of AI can communicate socially and comprehend thoughts and emotions. A machine based on this type hasn’t yet been created, though.


Future versions of these new technologies will be self-aware machines. They will be cognizant, sentient, and intelligent. Enrolling Artificial Intelligence Course in Kolkata focuses on providing the best training for working with linear regression, understanding multi-Level models, etc.

Different Ways of Implementing AI

Let’s look at the following examples of how we can use AI:

Machine Learning:

The ability for AI to learn is given by machine learning. Algorithms are used to explore the data they are exposed to for patterns and insights that can be used to improve the quality of the data.

Deep Learning:

AI can simulate the neural network of the human brain due to deep learning, a type of machine learning. It can help make sense of the data’s patterns, noise, and sources of confusion.

Here, deep learning was used to identify the various image types. Using a method known as feature extraction, the system examines various photographic features and extracts them. The system categorises each photo into a different category, such as landscape, portrait, or others, depending on its qualities.


So far, we have discussed the different types of artificial intelligence. It is the simulation of human intelligence functions by technology, particularly computer systems. Expert systems, natural language processing, speech recognition, and machine vision are some examples of specific uses of AI. To understand Artificial Intelligence concepts in-depth, you can join Artificial Intelligence Course in Mumbai, which will help you provide for Basics of Hypothesis, Standard Normalisation etc.

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