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Civil Services Coaching in Chennai

Hard work never fails, this is a famous quote, but the in reality hard work alone is not enough we need the luck to get success. In civil service exams, luck plays a major role besides other various qualifications that are to be acquired by the students.

The change in outlook is required:

Many failed and educationally poor applicants commit one more error of blaming blindly their own mistakes without fully knowing the truths. In a nation like India, where the race is huge even for a single job of a bank clerk, we can see the competition for the country’s most important job, i.e., IAS. For IAS, each year the number of positions is very less but the number of applicants appears for this competitive exam is very very high.

The applicants need to change their behavior, attitude, outlook, etc. They also need to interact with some of the particular applicants for good orientation and leadership. According to some mentors, the choice of optional paper is half done!. SWOT analysis is must for every applicant who would like to perform for this toughest exam of the country. How can you swim in a river without knowing its depth?. Several factors play a part in your success in the IAS exam, unlike other competitive exams. The UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) tests various qualities in the applicants through this exam as the shortlisted candidates will frame policies and decide the direction and future of our country.

Civil services are not the bed of roses:

There are a considerable number of applicants shortlisted for IAS itself in their first challenge. Many applicants, even got all India 1st rank in their first challenge!. There are also several cases of not getting any facility even after seven attempts. Otherwise, applicants would achieve IPS or IFS or IRS in their first challenge and in their 2nd or 3rd attempt gets IAS.

There are many students who planned well to attain their IAS dream. At first such applicants join in a small job for financial security and over a period of time get the facility.

Students who are very eager in their dream achieve their goal quickly, whereas average and poor students take some time to achieve their dream. Join IAS Academy in Chennai to enlighten your dream.

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Top 10 IAS Academy in Chennai
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