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UPSC mains exam is the real test of CSE. It judges the individual’s ability at various levels such as thought, process, the convergence of ideas, critical thinking, time management, presence of mind, writing speed, content presentation, balance and equanimity of thoughts, and mental composure. So, a  lot of students join the best IAS Academy in Chennai for preparation. In this article, you will know how to avoid mistakes during UPSC preparation:

Studying too much:

The examiner would not judge you on how much you have studied and how much you reproduced in those 3 hours. You have to recognize your limits to revise at the end and preferably use a single source for a single topic. 

Delaying Revision till the end:

This exam demands gathering a lot of knowledge. This thirst for new information often comes in the way of revising the old stuff. Nevertheless, revising the old stuff continuously helps to read lesser of new stuff as you don’t even realize in the heap of information which of the things we have already read.

Delaying writing practice:

You do delay in the practice of writing answers. Some of the aspirants wait till they read “everything” before starting writing practice. But such a day never comes when you know everything. UPSC Coaching In Bangalore provides tips and ideas for writing practice. From the classes, you can collect a lot of topics for answer writing. You have to do this regularly for the best results.

Spending too much time on the Internet Resources:

Spending too much time on the internet resources like Wikipedia, Mrunal, and GKtoday, etc may produce adverse results. So, its use may act as a deviator while the internet is indispensable on one hand. 

Ignoring Language Paper:

A major mistake made by many vulnerable aspirants is delaying the compulsory paper till the end. Just solve the last 10 years papers gradually from prelims to mains. You can join the best classes from the Top 10 IAS Academy in Chennai. The teachers will give you proper guidance.

Ignoring the last few days preparation:

You have to note that this exam is different than technical exams like IIT, JEE, or IES. In this exam, the last few day’s preparations can make or break one’s attempt. You can not revise everything on the last day. One should have major notes, mini notes for different hierarchies of preparation. You need to ignore this proves catastrophic in end. 

Thus, these are the mistakes that should be avoided during preparation. Revision is a very important part of the preparation, it is required for the exam. Keep practicing and All the best!

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