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Steel is widely accepted by the steel dealers in Chennai in the field of commercial shelving and they can change walls and the high space above the floor into expensive storage shelving. When space has combined the need to move to bigger, more expensive bases is avoided and employee efficiency improves. Inventory accounting is easy and the problem of over-buying and lost items leaves.


Steel commercial shelving is constructed of industrial grade steel of the highest grade and can face sudden climate change and severe temperatures. This is important to check the ms plate price in Chennai as the storage shelving is opened to the air outside whenever the warehouse doors are wide. Steel commercial shelving is done in storage rooms, office shelving, warehouses, shops and in the retail sector.


Open back commercial shelving doesn’t hold a back and this supplies an easy way to stored items from each side of the unit. These storage shelving units have a steel frame and this supports the shelves which are constructed using the steel chequered plates. The gauge of steel used to build the shelving dictates the strength a particular unit will be ready to support. Boxes and crates that have to be available for immediate access are usually stored on open back shelving constructed from industrial strength steel gauge. Open back commercial and industrial shelving is a very good saver of flat space as the units are normally taller than their diameter. In offices, smaller metal shelving units are utilized to store stationery and heavy boxes of records.


Closed back steel storage shelves are included at the sides and back by plates that are also built of steel. When security is a problem the shelves can be closed and locked, otherwise, they are usually open and fixed along the portion of a wall. This type of commercial shelving allows the same type of solid design as a cabinet, but steel shelving has a higher defense to wear and damage. Closed back steel shelving is seldom folded together to preserve sensitive materials like certain types of paint and chemicals. Overall, steel storage can hold a much higher weight load than other types of commercial shelving.

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