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IELTS Writing Task - Types of Essays in the IELTS Writing Section

The IELTS Writing exam consists of two parts they are Writing Task 1 and Writing Task 2. For each task, there will be a minimum word count for essay writing. While comparing to the IELTS writing task 1 and writing task 2, the score of writing task 2 is high weightage. It is best to spend more time on writing task 2 than writing task 1. The writing task consists of Grammar, Vocabulary, phrases, etc. In this blog, you can get an idea of the IELTS Writing Task – Types of Essays in the IELTS writing section. Join IELTS Coaching in Chennai to learn more.

In IELTS writing task 2, the invigilator will suggest some topics, you have to write an essay based on it. The word count for IELTS writing task 2 is 250 words. Here you can get a knowledge of how the questions are raised in an exam for essay writing.

Sorts of Essays

There are various types of essays in the IELTS Writing Section. some of them are

1. Opinion Essay

2. Discussion Essay

3. Advantage and Disadvantage Essay 

4. Solution Essay

5. Direct query Essay

Opinion Essay

This kind of IELTS essay is based on the opinion you give to the question asked. It is often known as agree or disagrees essay. The opinion essays will be based on 

1. Education

2. Sports

3. Television

4. Communication

5. Media/press

6. Travel/Tourism

7. Development of Economic

To know these in detail, you can check out IELTS Coaching Center in Chennai Anna Nagar. The EnglishLabs trainers teach you the concepts in detail.

Discussion Essay

In the discussion essay, you should discuss the both positive and negative of the given topic. Below listed are some of the topics, that are in trend.

1. Population growth

2. Community

3. Health

4. Dangerous sports

Advantage and Disadvantage Essay 

Here you have to explain the merits and demerits of the given topic. The topics here would be

1. Science and Technology

2. Youth

3. Environment

4. Living in big and small cities

5. Traffic

Solution Essay

The question asked here will be depending upon the solution. You have to give a particular solution to the issue. Some of the latest cause/solution essay topics are listed below

1. Society

2. Child abortion

3. Birth Rate 

4. Family and Relation

5. Energy resources

Direct query Essay

In this type of essay, the topics will be based on the questions, you have to answer. Some of the latest query essay topics are

1. Art and Technology

2. Gender discrimination

3. Medical Issues

4. Resources

5. Happiness/sadness

These are the types of essays asked in the IELTS Writing Exam, to have a clear idea about it, you can visit the IELTS Coaching in Velachery


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