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Our grandparents have eaten vegetables and fruits only when they were seasonally available. Today, modern farming techniques, vegetables processing technology and global import-export systems, we can enjoy the same vegetables and fruits in July as we do in December. Seasonal fruits and vegetables are tastiest and most nutritious. For example (Mango is grown in the summer, Custard apple is grown in the winter). Nowadays people are preaching some kind of philosophy about foods. Eat locally available, Eat only Organic (Available at Organic Store in Chennai), Eat seasonally available food. It can get some confusion about which one is best.

However, eating organic or seasonal food is far from this generation. This kind of foods people ate not so long ago. People avoid obesity, heart disease, diabetes from eating these kinds of foods. The benefits of eating seasonal foods are many.

1. Healthier

When a vegetable and fruits are grown under the suitable growing weather, in its proper season, it gives all of its natural nutrients. There are many research studies shown that seasonal crops contain up to 3 times more nutrients when compare to grow it in non-season.

2. Cheaper

Seasonal Fruits and vegetables are easier to grow in their proper season, no need to spend more time and more concentration. It produces them more abundant, less time, and cost wise cheaper for costumers. Organic vegetables in Chennai easily reach end users within Chennai. It saves transportation cost.

3. Much tastier

Food grown not in season usually comes from far away or other state or countries. It’s either been forced to ripen using some chemicals, which can affect the taste of it, or preservatives and refrigeration, which also cuts their taste. Fresh organic fruit and vegetables that have been allowed to fully, ripen naturally before they’ve been picked will taste how they’re supposed to tasty.

4.  More sustainable

Seasonal and local foods, travel very shorter distances than non-seasonal produce, It is readily available in Organic Shop in Chennai. Non-seasonal foods shipped over thousands of miles to reach our local supermarkets. This also involves adding preservatives and some kind of chemicals for the journey. Locally farmed harvest means reduces the travel time, which is good for the environment. It also supports local farmers and market economic sustainability.

5. Environment & Community

Seasonal crops are more likely to be produced locally, which reduces the travel distance and time, thereby saving fuel and minimizing our carbon footprint.

So, Support local farmers and enjoy the taste and nutrition, as well as doing something good for our environment.

Eating Healthy Organic Food

When eating seasonal fruits and vegetables, make sure it is all grown naturally and fully organic. Researches have proven that organically grown food contains more vitamins, minerals and other micro-nutrients than conventionally farmed fruits and vegetables. Going organic is the only right way to avoid eating genetically modified fruits and vegetables.

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