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Nowadays, an oil place an important role in our day to day life equal to the water. According to the system of Ayurveda, the medicine should look back and use them with the regular nourishment with that no hair fall problem will rise. Generally, the oils are made naturally without the artificial refineries and chemical-free. There is the best dealer product for the natural oils like Marachekku oil in Bangalore for the healthy and tasty, secure life. To keep our hair healthy for that the best way would be to massage.


By applying the massage in the hair through the oil. It covers a lot of benefits for our health. The benefits are by keeping the massage of hair in the warm oil has two or thrice in a week for the benefits of blood circulation and it enhanced richly, it helps to relax the scalp and helps to improve the pliability. By massaging, it will strengthen the hair roots, by promoting the growth of new hair the hair shafts will be done, these process will make them conditioned more attractive and manageable. By massaging regularly, it has an effect of the emotional balance that helps to relieve the tension and it helps to provide the easiness problem in the neck, and also it helps to forget the sounds of night sleep.


A right oil should be chosen for the massaging and it is very important. There are two types of hair people based on their hair type the oil could be used. The predominant of the Veta type of hair should opt for a gingerly oil and almond oil. It helps to provide the nourishment of appropriate and it helps to reduce the stiffness and tightness in the scalp and it makes you feel relaxed. In the pita type of people, this type of hair people could use coconut oil. It will give the excellent result for the hair loss retarding. A predominant of the Kapha type of people in their scalp they will add the olive oil and it will make benefits for them. Generally, the olive oil has the property of nourishing and it has the absorption of the nutritional pores.

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