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List Of Cookies You Can Bake At Home During Festive Seasons

Laughs and lights always brighten up the festive seasons. The presence of desserts in the home gives a good feel. The smell of the cookies automatically lightens up your cravings. If you experience the aroma during baking, you always try to bake the cookies rather than buying.  Nowadays, you can easily bake cookies with the help of the best baking classes in Chennai. One can bake different varieties of cookies by using various ingredients and flours, which vary in shape and size. With different ingredients and flour consistency, you can make varieties of cookies. The following listed cookies are commonly baked in home. 

Chocolate Chip Cookie

A dip of chocolate chip cookies in the milk will complete your mouth and stomach. Americans made chocolate chip cookies in the late thirties. Here the  cookie are  specialized in the addition of small teardrop shaped chocolates. The bite of this choco chip over the cookies will make your taste buds to go for a couple more cookies.

Butter Cookies

Butter cookies fly its recipe from Denmark to all over the world. You can see its crispiness at the end of the baking process. There are bakery classes in Chennai that will teach you all the nuances of baking cookies. Butter cookies mostly have no flavours, as they are famous for its dripping butter. Different flavours of butter cookies are baked by the bakers such as chocolate, vanilla and coconuts. These enhanced flavours of the butter  cookies makes an individual to go for another bite. 

Sugar Cookies

Sugar cookies have been a treat for over a century. It is often made during children’s day as it is famous for its sweetness. It contains the basic recipe with more sweetness. The decoration process also comes with a sprinkle of icing sugar. Sugar cookies are baked in different sizes and shapes. The 

Shortbread Cookies

Shortbread cookies made their way from Scotland. These cookies are baked during the festive season of Christmas. Wheat flour, butter, and white sugar are the significant ingredients of shortbread cookies. They differ from the butter cookies by the proportion of adding butter to the cookies. You can feel the crispiness of sofebread cookies in every bite.The baking institute in Chennai,will teach us about fluffiness and crispness during the baking process.

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

In the early 1900s, Americans made these oatmeal raisin cookies. Knowing the benefits of oatmeal raisins, they step forward to create these healthier biscuits. They got this idea from Scotland, Who prepared oatcakes from oatmeal raisins.

There are wide varieties of cookies and cookies recipes. With the help of cake baking classes in Chennai you can learn more about baking different types of cookies and other baked products. Bake cookies and varieties of cakes  at home and make your festive season more joy of sweetness and celebration. 

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