Website Monitoring Tool & Services

Most of the Website monitoring tools inspect how a website acknowledge when accessed from different part of the world and take action incase of any problem.

Key performance of internet service are listed below.

  1. User Monitoring
  2. URL Monitoring
  3. HTTP/HTTPS Website Monitoring
  4. Webpage Analyzer
  5. Ping Monitoring
  6. FTP Monitoring
  7. Mail Server Monitoring

Web Performance Monitoring



A complete 24/7 monitoring network of server is installed auto updating software in your primary system and even private cloud to monitor your important resources and performance of your website. The Web Service Monitoring can be extended from one branch of your office to another branch at different location. It monitors resource like database, ERP, web application and other important document. Above service comes under web server monitoring.

Webpage Analyzer by real time browser

The Web Application Monitoring covers important components like HTML, JavaScript and CSS which ultimately slows down performance of you browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox). We render the real time browser and overcome the issue which affects end user experience.

Real User Monitoring

It analyze each and every set of components like browser performance, ISP, geography, platform and more. You get complete clarity in our web page cycle, connection time, DNS resolution time and response time. The document downloading time depend on front and back end response time. This tool helps you to track performance of individual website transaction, throughput and response time. The vulnerability check test SQL, malware, mobile app vulnerability, website security audit and test platform.

Alert Message and Detailed Report

The message is nothing but SMS, voice, messenger, E-mail, RSS or via social media like Twitter or Facebook. You get access to summary reports, response time and even hosting provider. The indepth report shows you performance and availability of website. The detailed report includes

  1. Website Health
  2. Performance
  3. Peak Hour report
  4. Overall Summary report

Additional Features

  1. Monitor other website and mobile wireless services.
  2. Nullify false alert
  3. Analyze the reason behind downtime.
  4. We can calculate end user score which help to identify performance of tools
  5. Even via android app, we can track performance and availability of your website
  6. You can track actual reason behind downtime

How to edit the webpage of any website to say anything you want?

Step 1: Type the name of the website that you want to modify in the address bar. Now paste the following code (without quotes, of course) in the address bar: “javascript:document.body.contentEditable =’true’; document.designMode=’on’; void 0”

Step 2: The webpage turns into editable mode. Now, you can edit the web page to anything you want.

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How to use this code for fun?
1) Update the status message of a celebrity in twitter to say “Met and he/she is just awesome. Must say I am your BIG FAN from today”. Now, take a screenshot and upload in FaceBook and show it to your friends. I am sure you will make your friends jealous.
2) When your girlfriend reads her favorite blog ask her to get something for you. When she leaves edit the website to say something that you have always wanted to say. When she returns back and view the screen she will be surprised.
These are just some examples — use your creativity, guys.

PS: This change will be visible only on your computer screen and the changes that you make will not be reflected in the actual website.

Disclaimer: Please use the above piece of code with caution and do not get into any trouble.