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How can you maximize your GRE verbal score for sure-shot success? The short answer is- practice. GRE verbal practice test is your key to getting that coveted score. Before we discuss how GRE verbal practice tests can help you, let’s cover what you can expect in the GRE exam.

The GRE verbal section consists of two subsections, each consisting of 20 questions. Each 20 question section will be broken down in an approximate manner below:

  • 10 questions on vocab-both sentence equivalence and text completion
  • 10 questions on reading comprehension

The GRE verbal practice tests you take need to cover all of the aforementioned types of questions. But before you can take a GRE verbal practice test, you should work on your verbal skills, laying the foundation for success.

To expand your vocabulary, learn a certain number of words a day. Use these words in sentences while learning, so you understand how they work in context. This should help you tackle text completion and sentence equivalence type questions in your GRE verbal practice test as well as the actual GRE.

While attempting Sentence Equivalence questions, don’t simply pick words that are synonyms. Make sure the words you pick fit the context of the sentence. The more GRE verbal practice tests you take, the easier this will get for you.

When attempting Text Completion questions, you should identify the tone of the passage first. Again, the more GRE verbal practice tests you take, the better you will get at doing this.

Reading comprehension has gathered the reputation of being the hardest to tackle; your best bet is to read. Read as many high calibre articles as you can; the editorial sections of newspapers, magazines. This will also let you see words you’ve been learning being used in context. Once you’re confident of your word knowledge, you can take GRE verbal practice tests for the same. When answering reading comprehension passages, you do not attempt to absorb all of the details mentioned in the passage on the very first read. Skim through the passage to get an idea of the passage and jot down whatever strikes you as important; this will save you a lot of time in the long-run. Take as many GRE verbal practice tests as you can and you should definitely be able to achieve success in the GRE. Test-taking, is, after all, a skill like any other so find those GRE online practice test, attack them and that high score you’re chasing after is yours 🙂

Good luck!

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