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Java is suitable for Android, web development and database. Let me see some points about how to minimize the error when doing Java programming. The SQL statement logging, Connection management, JDBC Batching, Hibernate identifiers, choosing the right column types, hibernate identifiers, choosing the right column types, Relationships, Inheritance, Persistence contextual size, Fetching, Catching, concurrency control, query capabilities, Scale-up and scales out are some of the areas to be focused to improve the programming towards perfection. The difference between the enterprise application and web application is that the enterprise application is used for the organization as it has multiple data and functionalities whereas web application is used by an individual user. Let me see some common mistakes that occur when programming in the Java programming.

SQL Statement:

P6spy, proxool, JDBC logger, Log4JDBC, Oracle JDBC are some of the tools used to interpret and modify the database through SQL statement. Though these frameworks update the query by default it is better to validate these statements to minimize the query problems. Though Java is taught in college as a subject Java Training in Chennai gives in-depth knowledge into different challenges faced when coding in Java language.

Connection management:

When connecting the application and database it is important to use the correct tool which connects pool size. Logically, each database is given a logical name to execute the connection management. Some tool helps to find the right size even after you deploy your application.

JDBC batching:

JDBC is writing the SQL statement for a single database. Oracle database support batching only for certain specific operations and for the hybrid you can change the batching with a single configuration. Olden days and the modern days have differed in the specifications which have to be understood with Java Course in Chennai.

Statement Catching:

The performance can be tuned by caching the statement both on the client-server and database server. Java is a statistically built programming language. So it can be written with a little bit of focus on some key areas to get better results.

Hibernate identifiers:

Hibernate identifier and table identifier is the worst choice when writing the java program because they need a separate connection for every time. The sequence identifier is a right choice as it easily fetches the database.

Choosing the right column:

Choosing the right column and index, which fix into the memory is very important. Hibernate is the flexible framework and implementing a new custom type gives a good result when writing Java programming.


Hibernate comes with many relationship mapping like one to one, one to many and many to many. Rather than using unidirectional collections {many to many} it is good to use bidirectional {one to many} association as it works well with the database. If you want to learn the toughest language Java then join the Best Java Training in Chennai which provides real-time practical training. The Java language is one of the widely used and the toughest languages which have to be learned with practical knowledge than theoretical knowledge. The challenges and the real-time training would definitely provide precise knowledge of the technology.

Persistence context size:

The context size is very important when managing entity because it increases the memory level. Java has the incredible community and experienced people to follow. Experienced trainers provide practical training for the students joining the Java Training. As Java is an old language with wide demand learning java is a good choice for beginners and experienced.

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