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cow milk

Milk is something that cannot be removed from the diet because of its numerous benefits. From infants to adults, including milk in their food will improve their health and help to grow healthy bones. However, recently there is an increase in demand for organic milk over regular milk. Replacing regular milk with organic milk in Chennai is common nowadays. Organic milk is from cows that are not treated with any hormonal injections and are only grass-fed. Commercial dairies use various chemicals and hormonal injections for the production of milk. Hence, in this post, the reasons for the increase in organic milk are discussed briefly.

UHT process:

Ultra high-temperature processing is the process where the milk is heated continuously to 280 degrees and cooled rapidly. The organic cow milk Chennai undergoes the UHT process and retains all the enzymes and minerals. Regular milk undergoes pasteurization and homogenization that kills the beneficial bacteria. It promotes unnecessary pathogens and chemicals and causes adverse effects on health. Hence, it is safer to have organic milk than conventional milk.

Easy digestion:

The essential enzyme that is responsible for digestion is destroyed in regular milk because of the pasteurization process. It causes digestion problems, allergies, and lactose tolerance. So, when the person with digestion inability consumes the conventional milk regularly, they are likely to develop bloating and digestive issues. Hence, organic milk is the healthiest option to choose over regular milk.

A2 milk:

Organic milk is obtained from the native cows. 30% of the protein in the milk contains Beta-Casein. The Beta-Casein protein is of two types, namely A1 and A2. A1 Beta-Casein protein is commonly found in regular milk and, A2 Beta-Casein is found only in native cow’s milk. A2 Beta-Casein is more beneficial compared to A1 Beta-Casein. A2 milk is produced by pure Indian cow breeds and is an excellent option for bodybuilders.

Extra nutrition:

Researchers have found that organic milk is rich in omega-3 fatty acids which is absent in regular milk. Omega-3  taken as supplements will reduce heart problems and improve the function of neurological and immune systems.

Therefore, people realized the importance of organic milk in recent years. Due to this, there is a huge demand for native cow milk in Chennai. Therefore, consider the facts shared in the post to choose organic milk over regular milk.

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