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What are the types of clauses in the English Language?

In the English language, Clauses are the major part. Clauses are the building block for the sentences. While learning English Grammar, it is essential to understand English Grammar. In this blog, let us know about What are the types of clauses in the English Language? Clauses grow the quality of sentences and make it clear to sign the sentences. Learn in detail at Spoken English Classes in T Nagar.


 A Clause is a set of information consisting of a subject and a finite verb.

Clause = Subject + Predicate ( Verb)

There are different types of the clause which helps in developing the sentences. Let’s see some of the clauses with samples. There are two types of clauses dependent and independent.

Independent Clause

Independent Clauses withstands alone. It is a simple sentence and it will be easy to understand. It is also recognized as the main clause. Some of the sentences joined together to make complex sentences. Complex sentences enable us to use several sorts of sentences in writing.  

Sherin passed the Book.

Dependent Clause

This kind of clause combines with the other sentences. Dependent clause sentences are recognized by a subordinate conjunction. Subordinate is a word that joins the idea to make the relationship of the sentences. It represents time, cause, and effect. 

She is not only beautiful but also smart.

There are three types of Dependent clauses

Relative Clause

It is an adjective clause that defines the noun. Relative clauses are used to specify the noun in a sentence. The relative sentences are identified by subject and noun. It begins with a relative noun. It functions as an adjective. 

Relative clauses won’t be alone. A corresponding sentence is added to it to strengthen the complete sentence. While writing the relative clause, it is essential to punctuate them perfectly.

Noun Clause

The sentences comprise the noun with the predictive. An example which, that.

   I love how Jeremy paints.

Adverb Clause

It describes both pronouns and nouns. Something which describes the adjective is called an adverb. 

Since I’ll be working late, I’ll eat downtown.


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