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What is Regression Testing?-Definition,Tools & Guide

What is Regression Testing?

Regression Testing is one of the software used to ensure that the application created is performing well and to check whether any code changes, improvements, or verifications are to be done. In this Blog, we will look at why regression testing is important and the tools for functional and regression testing. If you are looking to learn in-depth about regression testing, then doing a certification in Software Testing Course in Bangalore will be more helpful.

For the general functions and design, regression testing is critical. The regression testing is applied whenever a new code has been modified or updated. This has been applied to make sure after each update. Here the system will stay stable after each modification and improvement. There are some best test automation tools that are used in regression testing. Enrolling in a certification course on software testing also provides you with the Software Testing Interview Questions and Answers to make yourself prepare for the interview.

The changes or modification in the code involves dependencies and also malfunctions. This testing aids in risk mitigation by ensuring that previously produced and verified code stays constant and functional after new modifications.

When to apply regression testing?

After certain situations, This testing can be used. They’re listed below.

  • A new requirement was added for an existing feature.
  • New functionality or feature is added.
  • The source code is optimized for better performance.
  • The patches are fixed.
  • Continuous changes in the configuration. If you want to learn about these methods in regression testing, then enrolling in a certification course at Best Software Testing Institute in Bangalore will be very helpful.

How to perform regression testing?

There are some basic steps to perform regression testing. They are as follows.

  • Prioritizing the changes and the product requirements.
  • Determining the entry product and criteria.
  • Determine the exit point.
  • Scheduling the tasks.

Regression Testing Tools :

  • Selenium.
  • Watir
  • Apache JMeter
  • IBM Rational Function Tester.

Conclusion :

You should have a better understanding of regression testing and the essential aspects to enhance the quality of the product and customer experience after reading this Blog. With the help of this tool, we can able to find all the surfaced defects and also how to eliminate them in the early stage. To learn more about this tool in-depth, enrolling in a certification course on software testing at FITA Academy, which is one of the Best Software Testing Institute in Bangalore, will help you to gain a profound understanding of software testing.

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