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Nowadays most of the peoples are concern about green building materials during the current state of our lives. Green building construction materials having eco-friendly construction through a revival over the past decade. Green building materials play an important as the design of the building itself. Green building materials make your home more eco-friendly. It will give a special attraction with greenery. These building materials are having cost effective and it’s giving an additional look to your home.

Changing construction

Most of the cement manufacturers and HPL sheets manufacturers and have been looking for a way to develop the construction with new innovative materials to establish a new environment for the construction to produce environmentally friendly cement for almost three decades. Most of the cement having a reactive magnesia and MGO) in cement. Basically, cement made up with magnesia oxide required requires CO2 harden, it does this by sequesters CO2 from the atmosphere. Magnesia doesn’t naturally absorb carbon on its own, but when it mixtures with permeable materials like blocks, bricks and pavement it can absorb CO2 and carbonate. The rate of carbon oxide absorption varies depending on the degree of porosity and the amount of reactive magnesia in the mixture, but overall the materials are sustainable and have the added bonus of absorbing harmful greenhouse gases.

Cement may not spring to mind when the people thinking of green building materials construction material s or exterior wall cladding materials, some people critical of the materials and its effects on the surrounding environment. But cement is the most of the abundant man-made building materials on the planet and its strength and versatility have yet to be matched by another construction material. That’s why peoples have been looking for ways to produce cement that doesn’t have much of a negative impact on the environment. It will give a magnificent look to your home. Also makes your home more pretty with great with green building construction materials.

 Benefits of using green building materials

This kind of cement is fully recyclable, construction projects. This cement can also make with the waste materials that are commonly thrown away. Slags, plastics, paper, fly ash, bottom ash, glass and other materials can be mixed with the cement and won’t affect the composition of the material.

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