Future Scope of Aviation Field


The fourth largest air force is the Indian air force and it is globally growing nowadays. They are doing unstoppable services to our nation. Everyone should respect our Indian air force for their services. The environment is totally different during Aviation courses like changes in their lifestyle, the opportunity to visit all places, Different working conditions, time effective.

Advantages of Aviation:

  • Travel passes for family and personal
  • Life insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Profit sharing
  • Retirement Program
  • May prefers full or part time employment

Nowadays, Airline field is a global operation, providing employment and travel to the people. Different advantages for different position in aviation field. Aviation Academy in Chennai seems to be the best training institute.

Speciality in Aviation Field:

Facing adventures and thrilling in their daily life. The employees will have travel benefits in all over the world. Fluency in English is must in the aviation field, so they can also develop their communications. The skills like personality skill, Interpersonal skill can develop in aviation courses in Chennai. It is a great thing for students to learn a valuable skill in a shorter period of time. Many of them are studying aviation courses for the exciting opportunities through travelling in all over the world.

Future Scope:

In future, definitely it will have a great impact to give employment opportunities in aviation field. Aviation courses will cover the range of topics from the initial enrollment process of flight training. Also they can learn more practical knowledge. The experience gained in the aviation field will always useful in future. For someone who is looking for a tremendous growth in their career airline courses in Chennai is the right choice to select.

  • Different courses are available under aviation courses
  • Respect from others
  • Experience that they gained during training will help them to travel all over the world
  • Employment opportunities
  • Changes in their life style

 Ground staff:

To ensure the safety and comfort in Airport, Ground staffs perform several important duties. They make passengers very comfort by their services. It is the thing to maintain the airport decorum by the ground staffs. Ground staffs include technicians and maintenance workers and they are responsible for before take-off the flights. Also, they are responsible for inspecting, storing, and transporting luggage.


Aviation field has more advantages and it has very good scope in future. It is used to develop your career and one can get the life experience in the aviation field. It will create awareness and respectable career in your life. So make your career in aviation field and enhance your future.




Make more leads through Digital Marketing

Make more leads through Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing:

Nowadays all has been become digitalised in today’s world. So Digital marketing is in peak than traditional marketing. It is used to promote your business to beat your competitor. To promote your business many techniques are available like SEO, SMM, SMO etc., under Digital Marketing Course

Responsibility of SEO:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a major role in digital marketing. Major responsibilities in SEO are of the following:-

  • On page optimization
  • Off page optimization

On page optimization:

The initial step of on page is to research keywords which have maximum search volume, and then decide the landing page for the particular keywords. Before starting to do on page optimization, it is important to check whether SEO has done already through the SEO profiler. Some of the URL features to be checked is URL length, URL name with keywords, proximity of page to root directory and the www and non- www version, always use small case letters in the URL name. Also get all the access from the clients such as Web master Access, Web analytics access, WordPress/CMS access, FTP/ Cpanel access, Local listing access. Digital Marketing course in Chennai is the right place to learn all the techniques in on page optimization.

Off page optimization:

Off page optimization is getting backlinks from quality sites. Some of the off page optimization techniques are classified ads, Social Bookmarking, Forum Discussion, Directory submission, quora etc., It is important to get back links from the quality sites, because the links from low quality sites will not get indexed by the Google robot, so it affects in ranking. Digital Marketing Chennai seems to be the best place to learn this course. Some of the Reason for success in rank through Digital Marketing  are, the page will ranked without off page optimization, because of updating fresh content continuously, automation of marketing, tracking and monitoring system, traffic to the site.

Need of Digital Marketing:

  • To improve the online ranking to our site
  • Gaining the new customers
  • It is more better than traditional marketing
  • Level playing field
  • Reduced cost
  • Simple to measure
  • Real time result

The above mandatory things for our business, can learn in Digital Marketing training in Chennai. Also people can get clear idea through this training.


The main advantage in learning Digital Marketing is self-promotion of one’s business. Whatever may be the business, Competitions are high nowadays, so it is important to promote your business in online. In that case learn Digital Marketing course for the benefits it has. Overall, it is the thing to develop your business
















Feel the Experience by travelling with spice car rental



Travelling is the best option to escape from busy schedules, tension, stress for every working person. Life is very short and the world is big, see the world through travelling. Life is only one time, feel the travelling experience by visiting all over the world. Rather than using our own cars for travelling it is better to use rental cars, so that people can avoid damaging to their cars. We cannot use our own cars in all places, Travels is the best choice to visit temples, interior rural areas. For example, if you want to visit tirupati, Chennai to tirupati car rental is the right choice to travel

Do you know the benefits of travelling?

Some of the benefits while travelling are of the following:-

  • Travelling refresh your mind and body
  • It provides opportunity to see new places
  • Feel great by visiting new places
  • During travelling one can feel life experience
  • Meet different people with different culture during travelling
  • One can get own excitement and experience

These are some of the benefits of travelling. Travelling is must for every working person, because nowadays people are suffering from the stress, tension so they feel free only by travelling. There are many car rentals in Chennai in many areas, so people can select the convenient car rentals.

Advantages of Travelling by car with :

We cannot imagine how people live without buses, cars, trains and other vehicles many years ago. There are different means of transport are available. Many of them says that it’s dangerous to travel, whatever other say travelling has many advantages. Chennai car rentals providing the best services to the customer.

Advantages in travels:

  • No need to waste our time and wait for a bus
  • Travel will be according to our convenience we can travel wherever and whenever we   want
  • Availability of car
  • Visiting small villages by car where bus travelling is very rare
  • No need to self-drive the car. Providing experienced driver makes us feel comfortable with travelling and we can enjoy the trip with our family and friends

 Availability of car in rural areas:

Select the best car rental in Chennai for the travelling. Interior rural areas have very damaged roads for travelling. In that case using travels like spice car rental is the right thing to save our own cars.


Overall travelling is the best thing to make our mind fresh and it is the chance to relax from our daily work. Travel to long distance as much as you can. Choose the best car rentals and take cars for rent to enjoy your trip.


Make your career in Java


Java is being the most popular language in an IT industry. Those who love programming will definitely prefer Java language for coding, because it has many advantages like object oriented, platform independent etc., Also it is the best approach to solve the problem in any field. Many institutes offer Java training in Chennai to get depth knowledge in Java.

Know the real time application of Java?

After C++, programmers started to use the Java language for coding. To overcome the typical real time difficulties, Java programming is used. Its real time applications are of the following:-

  • Latency Critical Banking application
  • Mobile Application
  • Scientific Application
  • Desktop GUI Applications
  • Web servers and application Servers.

One can use the Java programming efficiently in all these applications by giving the best Java training. It solves the complexity problem, where C++ cannot able to do in Software field

Advanced usage of Java

After Java language has been introduced and used, several changes have undergone in core Java. People have been moved to J2EE, the advanced version of core Java. Programmers love to learn spring, Hibernate, Struct in J2EE language. Spring is an integrated platform which is used as a substituted and improves JavaEE technologies. Likewise, other technologies like struct, hibernate etc., are used. J2EE training in Chennai is the right choice to get depth knowledge in the advanced version of Java.

Java- Platform Independent

Java is a platform independent programming language. It can be able to run on all available operating systems. Because when you install JDK software in your system automatically JVM is available, which is capable of reading the entire .Class file.

Java Robustness

Java is a robust language due to the following reason:-

  • Highly supported language
  • Portable across many OS
  • Automatic memory management and garbage collection
  • Reliability
  • Error detection easily

Java is one of the leading programming languages used by the IT professional. Though Java is having the many advanced versions to use, core Java is being popular and it is used for the fresher to enhance their knowledge in Java programming. It is best to take Core Java training at the initial stage of candidates to develop their knowledge in Java.


Though many languages with advanced version have been evolved nowadays, Java has a special place in the programming world. Because it is easy to learn, understand and also to develop software easily using Java language. The pretty thing in Java, if you get an expert knowledge you can easily understand the concepts of Hadoop Training Chennai to become expert in Big data technology. All the software industries are giving preference to Java language due to its usage. It has great advantages not only as a teaching language also as a commercial language. Overall Java is the leading programming language comparing to other programming language.

Avail the training program for better English communication skills

Communication is regarded over simply exchanging info with others. It’s regarding understanding the feeling and intentions behind the knowledge. Effective communication is additionally a two way street. It’s not only however you convey a message so it’s received and understood by somebody in just the manner you supposed, it’s also how you listen to gain the full meaning of what’s being said and to make the other person feel heard and understood.English is recognized as global language Learn English from Spoken English Class in Chennai.

More than simply the words you use, effective communication combines a collection of skills together with nonverbal communication, engaged listening, managing stress within the moment, the power to speak assertively, and also the capability to acknowledge and perceive your own emotions and people of the person you’re human action with.


Englislabs was established in the year 2012 since the journey of five years we train more than 30,300 students and working professional. Communication in the very basics think in all education if you are not good in writing, reading and listening you may grab more opportunity. Englislabs offer Spoken English Class in Chennai offering training in both online and offline classes. As per the students need training process will be conducted in both weekdays and weekends. So the maximum number of people can enhance their communication skills through our portal. There are four major cities which include Madurai, Bangalore, Salem, Coimbatore etc.. We are targeting to provide our service to all over the world.


The two levels are particularly outlined in such a way, to the point that to capable of  writing and reading English fluently The underlying preparing module underscores on the written work aptitudes of the individual while  intermediate level concentrations over the talking force and familiarity with the language Best Spoken English Classes in Chennai .

Levels 1

The beginner’s level is very valuable for the individuals who have finished basic training through the English medium stage, still not able to learn the language aspects clearly. All questions about the grammar segment are cleared in the level.

Levels 2

This is a middle of the road level, in which you will take in the talking aptitudes. What you compose and read ought to be incorporated with talking capacities too. So we are giving, preparing among the expert specialists through the discussion sessions.


This is a definitive approach to accomplish a declaration in the English aptitudes. The IELTS instructional class will make you exceed expectations in the most recent speaking, reading, writing and listening capacities. Enlist today in the IELTS  academic course and increase in your profession without trading off. Pass the IELTS in Chennai with 100 percent agreeable score in the first attempt now.

Information on a Career in Architecture Design

In the event that you are searching for a vocation in the field of engineering, you ought to look at professions in structural outline. A vocation as a compositional creator is particularly useful for individuals are inventive and more keen on the imaginative side of design rather than the building viewpoint. Engineering planners concentrate on outlining structures that incorporate scaffolds and both private and business structures. They are worried with outlining a space that is both useful and stylish. The kind of work that engineering creators do likewise contrasts. Numerous architects work in a particular region, for example, planning instructive establishments or private structures.

Profession Qualifications

Keeping in mind the end goal to land a position in engineering plan, you have to procure a lone ranger’s or a graduate degree in design from the certify establishment. While going to class full time, a four year college education can be earned in four years while a graduate degree can take anywhere in the range of one to five years contingent upon what number of classes you take at once. Most states additionally require some sort of permitting practicing design. It frequently takes a while to get built up as a building originator, so the prior you begin improving. Numerous building fashioners begin interning with firms while they are still in school.

Sorts of Work and Wages

Numerous structural configuration laborers work in engineering firms close by different sorts of designers. Albeit most fashioners work for firms, some compositional architects likewise look for some kind of employment as experts or in positions working for the administration. Furthermore, some building planners begin their own particular firms in the wake of working some place to pick up experience. Compensation for engineering plan employments increment with experience furthermore varies by area, they will for the most part be higher in extensive urban areas. Work prospects for engineering originators look great as the field is relied upon to develop at any rate as quick as the normal in coming years. In aggregate, beginning a profession in compositional configuration is a decent vocation decision for individuals who need to join inventiveness and designing to make enduring centerpieces.

To better comprehend employments in engineering outline it can be useful to scan engineering plan occupations to peruse through occupation posting synopses and see what the everyday errand include.


Here are ten huge receivers of the smart Reiki energy:

1. By hand – Utilize the recuperating Reiki vitality to mend your old injuries, issues and blockages that still stays in your body. We as a whole have them. Who preferred to exertion on over yourself? You will transform into a more grounded Reiki professional and will likewise be improved capacity to help other people. On the off chance that you have withdrawn, through the Reiki Level II course preparing and took in the separation mending image, you can likewise send the Reiki vitality to your past and future selves.

2. Animals – Creatures love getting Reiki and traditionally don’t have the imperviousness to showing signs of improvement that individuals’ inner selves cause them to have. Learn Reiki and investigate vitality to your pets.

3. Countries in need – You can send Reiki to the general population starved in Africa, to the whole mainland in the event that you wish or even to the entire Earth. In the event that there is a typical calamity or individuals who need it, send a gathering mending to them. The world needs you.

4. Your food – Send a little Reiki into your sustenance before you eat it. Utilize the Reiki power image in the event that you know it, or if not, simply put your hands over your nourishment and mean for the Reiki to go straightforwardly into it.

5. Into your home or workplace – Clear out your home with Reiki. It works in the similar way as sage or other clearing techniques. Also, if you enter a place that feels like it has a lot of negative or stale energy, put Reiki symbols into the four corners and feel the negativity dissolve.

6. Occupation interviews or first dates – If you are going on a job interview or a nerve-wracking first date, send Reiki energy ahead to the situation as well as you and the other people occupied. You might just be amazed at how easy the actual situation becomes.

7. Whatever broken, such as your car – When something breaks down such as your car, radio, computer, send some Reiki energy directly into it to power it up.

8. Toward goals or anything you wish to manifest – If you know the expression symbol, send that healing, Reiki symbol toward your goals, alongside the growth symbol to speed up the time needed before your goals becomes reality.

9. Heal addictive behaviors in yourself and others – Use the mental/ emotional symbol to help heal addictive behavior such as co-dependence, drug and alcohol issues, and smoking.

10. As a complement to Western Medicine for various conditions – Since the Reiki energy works alongside virtually every healing modality out there, use it on physical ailments such as everything from cancer to the common cold.

In spite of the fact that these are all incredible individuals, spots and circumstances to send the Reiki recuperating vitality to, there are boundless conceivable outcomes. Go to Reiki Training in Chennai and feel the advantages of Reiki.

For more: Reiki Chennai, Reiki Classes in Chennai.

Reiki Chennai

Healthy Benefits of Eating Seasonally


Our grandparents have eaten vegetables and fruits only when they were seasonally available. Today, modern farming techniques, vegetables processing technology and global import-export systems, we can enjoy the same vegetables and fruits in July as we do in December. Seasonal fruits and vegetables are tastiest and most nutritious. For example (Mango is grown in the summer, Custard apple is grown in the winter). Nowadays people are preaching some kind of philosophy about foods. Eat locally available, Eat only Organic (Available at Organic Store in Chennai), Eat seasonally available food. It can get some confusion about which one is best.

However, eating organic or seasonal food is far from this generation. This kind of foods people ate not so long ago. People avoid obesity, heart disease, diabetes from eating these kinds of foods. The benefits of eating seasonal foods are many.

1. Healthier

When a vegetable and fruits are grown under the suitable growing weather, in its proper season, it gives all of its natural nutrients. There are many research studies shown that seasonal crops contain up to 3 times more nutrients when compare to grow it in non-season.

2. Cheaper

Seasonal Fruits and vegetables are easier to grow in their proper season, no need to spend more time and more concentration. It produces them more abundant, less time, and cost wise cheaper for costumers. Organic vegetables in Chennai easily reach end users within Chennai. It saves transportation cost.

3. Much tastier

Food grown not in season usually comes from far away or other state or countries. It’s either been forced to ripen using some chemicals, which can affect the taste of it, or preservatives and refrigeration, which also cuts their taste. Fresh organic fruit and vegetables that have been allowed to fully, ripen naturally before they’ve been picked will taste how they’re supposed to tasty.

4.  More sustainable

Seasonal and local foods, travel very shorter distances than non-seasonal produce, It is readily available in Organic Shop in Chennai. Non-seasonal foods shipped over thousands of miles to reach our local supermarkets. This also involves adding preservatives and some kind of chemicals for the journey. Locally farmed harvest means reduces the travel time, which is good for the environment. It also supports local farmers and market economic sustainability.

5. Environment & Community

Seasonal crops are more likely to be produced locally, which reduces the travel distance and time, thereby saving fuel and minimizing our carbon footprint.

So, Support local farmers and enjoy the taste and nutrition, as well as doing something good for our environment.

Eating Healthy Organic Food

When eating seasonal fruits and vegetables, make sure it is all grown naturally and fully organic. Researches have proven that organically grown food contains more vitamins, minerals and other micro-nutrients than conventionally farmed fruits and vegetables. Going organic is the only right way to avoid eating genetically modified fruits and vegetables.

If you are interested in buying Organic Fruits and Vegetables in Chennai, check out our comprehensive organic shop in Chennai – Myrightbuy.

Technical Analysis in Stock Market Trading

Technical Analysis in Stock Market Trading

In stock Marketing there are several kind of analysis used to do successful trade marketing. In that, two analyses are more important. That is Fundamental analysis and technical analysis. Here we are going to discuss about what is technical analysis in stock market and its basic methods. Share Market Classes in Chennai providing separate training for technical analysis to do profitable trading.

What is Technical Analysis?

The technical analysis is the analysis of upcoming financial trading grow up depends on the previous trading trend. In weather forecasting, this analysis cannot provide accurate solution about the future. It is also like same. This analysis has different kind of chart types to explain the results of price movements. This analysis can be used in all trading methods.

Basics of Technical Analysis

The theory name called Dow Theory can used to calculate price variation as modern technical analysis. This theory was not complete solution but slightly is related from the Charles Dow. Three of the methods are

Discount price of everything

Price changing is not fully random

“What” is more important compare to “why?”

Discount price of everything

This theorem is similar to the strong and semi-strong forms of market efficiency. Technical analysts believe that the current price fully reflects all information. Because all information is already reflected in the price, it represents the fair value, and should form the basis for analysis. Technical analysis can uses the data caught by the cost to translate what the business sector is stating with the reason for framing a perspective on what’s to come.

Price changing is not fully random

If cost is always random, there is very hard to earn money with the help of technical analysis. The technical analyzer believes that it is easy to recognize the trend to invest or trading depends on the current market strategy and earn money in as trends unfold. For the reason that, technical analysis can able to apply in various times and can able to analysis both the short term and long term trading trends.

“What” is more important compare to “why?”

Technical analyzer can knows about cost of everything but know about the value of everything. Here the two things need to consider,

What is current price?

What is the previous price changing?

Making the money is the final answer for the war between product selling and buying for the organization stocks. The main concept of this technical analysis is move forward to the price of future. Experts trust it is best to focus on what and it doesn’t mind why. Why did the cost go up? It is straightforward, more purchasers (interest) than merchants (supply). All things considered, the estimation of any advantage is just what somebody will pay for it. Who all want to know why?

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101 Facts about India

Facts about india101 Interesting Facts about India that you should not miss.
1. India, a beautiful peninsula in the Asian continent is the largest democracy in the world. India gained independence from the British regime on 15th August, 1947 and framed the constitution on 26th January 1950.

2. Mahatma Gandhi who was originally known as Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi led the non-violence movement and succeeded in his mission to obtain freedom from the British rule. Hence, he is called ‘The father of the nation”.

3. India is the only multilingual, multi religion and multicultural country with all its citizens living under one roof with peace, harmony and fraternity. Unity in diversity is the base of India’s pride. The capital city is New Delhi.

4. India is a colorful nation with a tri color national flag. The tri color includes saffron, green and white with the blue Asoka Chakra in the center of the flag. The Asoka chakra (wheel) contains 24 spokes symbolizing the 24 righteousness. It represents the Asoka Chakra in Sarnath where Buddha started his preaching on peace and non-violence. Asoka is a great spiritual king who spread Buddhism all over the world with the help of his son Mahendra and daughter Sangamitra.

5. The National Emblem is three lion depicting the lion of Sarnath which was built in third century B.C. by King Asoka to mark the first preach of Buddha. Sarnath is near Varanasi in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

6. ‘Jana Gana Mana’ is the national anthem composed by Pandit Ravindranath Tagore in Bengali, one of the languages spoken in India. The declaration was done on 24th January,

7. The national song is ‘Vande Mataram’ written by Bankim Chandra Chatterjee. This song was sung for the first time in the year 1896 during a gathering by the Indian National Congress.

8. The national animal is tiger usually called as Bengal tiger and it contributes to the pride of India’s wildlife.

9. The national flower is lotus considered as the sacred flower symbolizing peace and harmony.

10. The national bird is peacock symbolizing beauty, grace and pride.

11. The national tree is the banyan tree symbolizing the ancient culture and tradition and India is a nation that supports and lends a helping hand to other nations at time of crisis similar to the branches of the tree.

12. The national fruit is mango due to the fact that it the sacred fruit described in the Vedas (the spiritual knowledge). It is also called as the ‘divine food’.

13. The national calendar of India is the Saka calendar. The Gregorian calendar is also followed in India.

14. India derived its name from the ancient Indus river in the Indus valley, the most ancient and first civilization in the world. It was once the land of the Hindus with Hinduism as the ancient religion and community before the British and Mughal invasion. Hence, it is also known as Hindustan.

15. India is also called as Bharath named after the king Baratha a renowned character in the ancient epic Ramayana.

16. The official language of India is Hindi, the widely spoken language and English.

17. India’s national language is Sanskrit in which all the scriptures and Vedas are written. Most of the languages in India are derived from this language except Tamil, the first and most ancient language in the world.

18. India has 28 states and 7 union territories.

19. India has a population of 1,66,079,217 making it as the second largest populated country in the world.

20. The geographic area is around 3.3 million square miles.

21. The Indian legislature is called the ‘Sansad’ consists of the Lok Sabha lead by the Prime Minister supported by his cabinet ministers and the Rajya Sabha led by the President of India. The President of India is the first citizen and his wife is the first lady. He is the supreme head of the country and appoints the prime minister. The lok sabha and rajya sabha are jointly called as the parliament.

22. The Supreme Court is highest judicial body running various high courts in the respective states and various other lower courts run under the high court.

23. A majority of India’s occupation is cultivation and the farmers contribute to the greatest percentage of working community in India. Hence, the slogan given by former president Lal Bahadur Shastri ‘ jai javan jai kissan’ is popular in India. Javan refers to the army men who sacrifice their lives for their mother country. Kissan refers to the farmers in Hindi.

24. India is rich in its cultural heritage with dance and music. Bharthanatyam, Kathak, Kucchupudi, Kathakali are some of the most prestigious dances contributing to India’s pride and cultural heritage. Similarly, the carnatic music and Hindustani are admired by the people of the world. Melodious and spiritual musical instruments such as flute, sitar, table, mirithangam, and violin contribute to India’s traditional music. There are world class musicians who contribute to India’s cultural heritage and pride.

25. India’s traditional dress is the sari and of course salwar kameez is the widely worn dress in India. The Banaras silk and Kanchivaram silk are widely popular among the people of the world for their bright colors, designs and elegance. The gagra kohli is also widely worn in India.

26. India is also popular for various ancient folks and folk dances such as the Garba dance, Kolkata, Kummi attam, Bangara dance, Kalari attam, Mohini attam, etc.,

27. India is a land of the tourists with attractive tourist spots portraying the rich cultural heritage and spiritual wonders and natural beauty. Some of the interesting tourist spots include the Kashmir valley, Simla, Darjeeling, Kulu manali, Jaipur (pink city), Rameshswaram, Varanasi, and many other temples and sanctuaries.

28. The northern side is covered by the Himalayas being the highest and longest mountain chain in the world with Mount Everest being the highest peak in the world. The first person to climb Mount Everest was Tensing Norgay and the first woman was Bachendri Pal.

29. The river Ganga is a perennial and sacred river originating in the Himalayas. The place where Ganga originates is called Gangotri and is considered as a place of worship. It is an ancient belief that a sacred dip in the Ganga relieves oneself from all his sins. Ganges is the longest river in India. It runs for 2529 km and flourishes the agricultural growth of several Indian states.

30. Other renowned rivers include Brahmaputra (longest river), Yamuna, Saraswathi, Godavari, Kaveri, Tungabhadra.
31. Being a Hindu country with spiritual heritage there are lots of temples with beautiful sculptures bringing out India’s craftsmanship.

32. India is a country that accepts all other religions and religious communities and hence there are renowned churches and mosques and gurudwaras.

33. The gurudwara in the Amristsar a sacred shrine of the Sikhs is called the golden temple in the state of Punjab.

34. The Taj mahal, a tomb built by King Shah Jahan for his wife Mumtaz symbolizes true and immense love and had become a romantic symbol of the world. The king engaged 22,000 craftsmen and laborers in building the Taj Mahal and the completion took 22 years. The mahal was completely built with marble and precious stones embedded in the beautiful drawings. Most of the stones were stolen and there is also a folklore that Shah Jahan cut the hands of all those who were involved in building this beautiful monument so that this would be unique in the world. There is another folklore that says all those craftsmen and laborers were executed. Whatever, today Taj mahal is one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

35. The cuisine and culinary art of India makes it the most sought after place when it comes to dining. Some of the delicious cuisine includes the Mughal biriyani, spicy gravies, sweet desserts such as kheer, payasam and snacks such as samosas, cutlets etc.,

36. India is the only place where food is served in plantain leaf symbolizing hospitality. This is served mostly in the southern region of the country.

37. India is also known for its ancient medicine curing almost all diseases. The Vedas contain the secret formula for preparing medicines such as ayurveda, halopathy and homeopathy which has great medicinal value. The country is rich in medicinal herbs that cure almost all diseases, many medicinal secrets still unrevealed. The first plastic surgery was done in India and ancient medicine had cure for invasive procedures such as fractures.

38. Science and Maths were also the fields of excellence contributing to the innovation of trigonometry, calculus and algebra.

39. The missiles today had their origination from the arrows depicted in the ancient epic Ramayana. India is the birthplace of archery and had skilled Indian emperors who were originally called as ‘Saduranga’and the world chess champion is an Indian named Viswanath Anand.

40. Dieties such as Lord Ganesh and Lord Krishna are known worldwide. Lord Ganesh is known as elephant god or lucky Ganesha. Lord Krishna’s ‘Bhagavad Gita’ is known all over the world preaching the doctrines for being a perfect human. The ‘Hare Rama Hare Krishna’ movement was started in India by the ISKCON.

41. The Kumbh Mela is a popular religious festival celebrated by the Hindus in India once in twelve years. A huge gathering worship Trimbakeshwar (a form of Lord Shiva) and 60 million people in the year 2001 gathered for this festival breaking a world record.

42. The cotton fabric makes India more popular and has become the most fascinated fabric for most of the Westerners and Europeans. Mahatma Gandhi started the ‘Swadesi’ movement by encouraging every Indian to spin cotton during the freedom fight era to mark the boycott of the use of clothes from Britain.

43. India produces most of the world’s dried beans. Kidney beans and chickpeas are few to mention. Also, India is the leader in banana and jute export.

44. The Sundarbans in the Bengal is the dampest region in India.

45. There is rain almost all day in Cherapoonjee.

46. Tibet and Nepal were once part of India and now its neighboring countries. Afghanistan and Bangladesh and Pakistan which split from India are also its neighboring countries and once part of India. Still, ancient epics depict certain places in Afghanistan such as Kandahar and Hastinapur.

47. The largest postal network in the world is in India with 150,000 post offices.

48. Similarly India has the largest rail network in the world.

49. India also excels the IT world. In the United States, notorious IT wizards are Indians such as Vinod Khosla who is the co-founder of Sun Microsystems, Vinod Dahm who invented the Pentium and Sabeer Bhatia who created the Hotmail.

50. Alexander the Great played an important role in bringing out India’s pride into the west, and Europe.

51. Parrots are beautiful birds with rose rings across their neck. They were used for tarot reading in India.

52. India was a colony for the French and Portuguese as well, other than the British. Hence French is also recognized as a foreign language in India especially in Pondicherry one of the union territories in Tamil Nadu.

53. Nearly 80% of Indian population is Hindus. The largest minority being Muslims and the Christians in the next place.

54. Bollywood in par with Hollywood contributes to the largest movie industry in India. Mumbai called as India’s Manchester the place where most of the country’s movie industry flourishes. This city is also called the gateway of India.

55. India has the famous “Lotus Temple, which was architected in the form of a lotus flower, built in marble. It has 27 huge petals.

56. Marriages in India are very rich and grand especially Hindu marriages. The stages are decorated with Marigold flowers and the marriage is filled with fun and happiness uniting relatives and friends. Lots of sweets are served during the marriage. Colorful outfits and music are part of Indian marriages.

57. Cow is the sacred animal and worshipped as the goddess yielding milk. Hence, India is the world largest milk producing country.

58. Though England is the birthplace of cricket, India is excels the game today and has world champions such as Sachin Tendulkar. Most of the Indians are fascinated by the game though hockey is the national game. India won a gold medal in hockey during the 1968 Olympics.

59. The numeral zero was introduced by Aryabhatta and it is called as ‘cipher’` that adds value to the other numerals.

60. Nearly 1,652 dialects are spoken in India

61. India has the world’s third largest road network at 1.9 million miles. It also has the world’s second largest rail network.

62. All Indians wash their hands, legs, and face before and after before meal. Indian eats food by their right hands which are believed to be the secret of enjoying the taste of food. Indians do not waste food and consider such act as a sin.

63. Sacrificing horse was a custom in India as per the Vedas to proclaim the sovereignty of the ruler of the kingdom.

64. India has eminent scholars from ancient times till date. Scholars like Kalidas, Kambar, and Ved Vyas, Vatsayana wrote interesting epics. Modern India has great scholars and writers as well. Some include Arundati Roy who wrote ‘The god of small things’, Salman Rushdie who wrote ‘Satanic Verses’ and Vikram Seth who wrote ‘Suitable Boy’.

65. Ravindranath Tagore won the Nobel Prize for literature.

66. India had great painters in par with Michael Angelo such as M.F. Hussain.

67. Being the land of spirituality, Vivekananda who was the disciple of bagavan Ramakrishna Paramahamsar hailed the power of Hinduism in the west by giving a historic speech in the United States senate.

68. India is the birthplace of great saints such as Adi Shankar who gave ‘Advaida’ and Mahans such as Ragavendra, Vallalar, Maatha Sarada, Shridi Sai Baba who preached peace and virtues through Hinduism.

69. India is also the birth place of certain religions followed worldwide such as Buddhism and Jainism. Lord Gautama Buddha founder of Buddhism was born in Nepal which was once in India and he attained enlightenment and started his first preach and attained mukthi (salvation) in places such as Sarnath, Bodh Gaya and Lumbini gardens in India.

70. The martial arts being practiced and taught in Asian countries today, originated in India and spread to Asian countries by Buddhist monks from India.

71. India was one of the richest countries before the British invasion. The diamond in Queen Elizabeth’s crown is from India. In ancient India, women threw their gold earrings to quit the birds eating their grains. Also, elephants were used to split the grains rather than bulls as the harvest was abundant.

72. The Brahadeswara temple in Tanjur (Tamil Nadu) is a historic pilgrimage and was carved from a single stone. It still remains a mystery as to how the elephants were used to carry heavy stones while building the temple. Another amazing fact about this temple is that this temple does not cast a shadow at all.

73. The longest beach is the Marina beach in Chennai, the capital city of the state of Tamil Nadu and it is also one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

74. Kashmir is called the heaven of India with beautiful natural resorts and greeneries attracting most of the tourists. Hence, the dispute between India and Pakistan is still unresolved in owning Kashmir. It is famous for green apples and the Wular Lake and Dhal Lake are renowned tourist spots.

75. India is green through the year and has six seasons: summer, autumn, winter, spring, with monsoon rains.

76. India is the world largest tea exporters with majority of tea leaves planted in Assam and Nilgiris.

77. Aryan civilization has roots in India. Aryans were indo Europeans who migrated to India in B.C.and settled in North West India. Other than Aryans, Persians also are migrated and settled in India and formed a community called Parsis who followed Zoarastranism. They worshipped the fire god. Today, Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Jains, Parsis are all under one roof in India.

78. The Tamil community called as Dravidians occupied the southern region in a state called Tamil Nadu in India. Earlier all the southern states were together as one state.

79. India’s first satellite was Arybahatta.

80. Mahabalipuram in Tamil nadu is famous for the stone temples called seven pagodas and the sculptures. All are eroded by the sea and only one pagaoda stands today to mark the Pallava dynasty.

81. Kanyakumari is the southern tip of India as Kashmir is the northern tip. The Kanyakumari sea is a place where three seas join and the sand in the sea shore is colorful.

82. India is popular for many spiritual mysteries, realities and miracles. There are lots of evidences for the numerous miracles that have occurred in India.

83. Jaipur in Rajasthan is called as the pink city attracting lots of tourists. It is called as pink city due to the Pink Hawa Mahal. It is also popular for the elephant and camel rides.

84. India stands tenth in the world GDP ranking. In 2011, its GDP is 1897, 608 millions of US $

85. Children’s day is celebrated on the 14th of November. It marks the birth of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first prime minister of free India. He was an ardent lover of children and rose flower.

86. Teacher’s day is celebrated on the 5th of September. It marks the birth of Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan, former President of India. He was a teacher by profession, prior to his presidential career.

87. Deepavali is festival of lights. It is celebrated worldwide by all Indians by fireworks and sharing love and joy with fellow people.

88. Holi is the festival of colors. Color powders are thrown on each other to show their love and joy.

89. Pongal is celebrated in the month of January. It is the harvest festival of south Indians. It is celebrated for three days as Pongal (thanks to sun god), Mattu Pongal (thanks to cow for the harvest), Kanum Pongal (thanks to each other )

90. Jallikattu is hosted during Pongal festival. It is an ancient bull taming sport. It is a much humane way of bull sport where the bulls are not killed, instead angry bulls are tamed without any weapons.

91. India fares well in the tennis for many years. India’s Leander Paes and Mahesh Bupathi have won several championships in doubles tennis. This includes grand slams French open, Wimbledon, US open and Australian open tennis.

92. India has been the world Kabadi champions for many years. Kabadi is an ancient Indian sport recognized and included in the Asian games. It is yet to be included in the Olympics.

93. India’s wrestling team has performed well at the international levels. Sushil Kumar of India have won two Olympics medals.

94. Indian space research organization is the 6th largest in the world. They have successfully developed PSLV and GSLV rockets which has launched several satellites which includes Chandryan, the first Indian mission to the moon.

95. Varanasi is the spiritual capital of India. It is in the banks of River Ganges. It houses the temple of Kasi Viswanath.

96. Konark is a small town in Orissa. It has the world famous sun temple. It is also known as the black pagoda
97. Tirupati is the pilgrimage city in Andhra. It hosts the temple of Lord Venkateshwara. It is one of the world’s richest temples with revenue of over several cores per day.

98. Ramayana and Mahabarath are the two great epics of India. They both depict different avatars of Lord Krishna. They convey the moral truth, ‘Goodness triumphs over Evil’

99. Indian women have performed well in the international beauty pageant show. India’s Aishwarya Rai has won the Miss World title in 1994. Sushmita Sen has won the Miss Universe title in 1994. Since then, several other women have won Miss World and Miss Universe titles.

100. Satyajit Rai won the Oscar award for his life time achievement in film making.

101. A.R. Rahman won the Oscar for composing music in the movie ‘Slumdog Millionaire’.

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