English Facts

Interesting English Facts

– ‘Dreamt’ is the ONLY WORD in the entire English language that ends with the letters “mt”

– CRWTH is a word with no vowels in it

– The dot above the letter “i” or “j” is called TITTLE

– Bookkeeper is the only word in the English language that has three letters in a row that repeats

– ‘Typewriter’ is the longest English word that can be made by using only one row of a keyboard

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Useful Facts

Some useful facts worth knowing.

– A person has literally died laughing continuously for about 20 minutes

– Grapes explode when it’s heated in the microwave

– Some older model cordless phones automatically dial 911 when their batteries are dying

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Funny Facts

– There is actually a town in Canada called DILDO

– Charlie Chaplin once entered a Charlie Chaplin lookalike contest and didn’t even make it to the finals

– In West Virginia if you run over an animal, you are legally allowed to take it home and cook it

– The smallest Penis ever recorded was 1cm in length

– Jim Fixx is the man who started the trend of jogging and ironically he died of a heart attack while jogging

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Interesting Facts

30 interesting facts that you may not have heard before.

– Muhammad is the most common name in the world.

– Elephants are the only animals that can’t jump.

– Oyster can change its gender.

– 111,111,111 x 111,111,111 = 12,345,678,987,654,321.

– Jellyfish is 95% water.

– After Sun and Moon, Venus is the brightest object in the sky.

– There is a Town or City or a County named Lincoln in every state in the United States.

– 2% of the world population has red hair.

– Chewing gums while peeling onions will keep you from crying.

– Chewing Gum is banned in Singapore.

– Honey is easy to digest as it is already digested by bee.

– Googol is 1 followed by 100 zeros. Internet Search Giant Google is named after Googol.

– There are probably more bacteria in your mouth than the humans in the entire world.

– United States has the highest number of English speaking population in the world and surprisingly India has the second highest number.

– California State has more population than the whole of Canada.

– An average human spends about 3 years of their life in Toilet.

– Contrary to the popular belief that fortune cookies were invented in China, they were actually invented in the United States.

– Popsicles were accidentally invented by an 11 year old named Frank Epperson in 1905.

– Benjamin Franklin is the only person on a U.S. bill who was never a President or Secretary.

– Barbie’s full name is Barbara Milicent Roberts.

– Birds never sweat as they don’t have sweat glands.

– Mosquitoes have teeth. Another interesting fact: the fear of teeth is called Odontophobia

– Mexico City keeps sinking and it is estimated that during the 20th century, it has sunk 29 to 36 feet (9 to 11 m) approximately

– Most of the Men are potent even at the age of 70

– A cow approximately gives about 200,000 glasses of milk in its lifetime

– Group of crows is called Murder and group of Frogs is called an Army!

– Approximately 65,000 to 75,000 trees are cut to print one Sunday edition of NY Times. (Request from SuperbFacts.com: Please recycle paper. Go Green.)

–  An eyelash has a lifespan of only 150 days

–  To conserve space, farmers in Japan grow square shaped watermelon

–  General Electric in Schenectady, New York has the Zip Code 12345

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A person from United States has taken 46,001 pushups in less than 24 hours!!

The Guinness record for maximum number of non-stop pushups was 10,507. It was set by Minoru Yoshida of Japan in October 1980.

maximum pushups facts
maximum pushups facts

Yoshida’s record was the last record in this category of Guinness world records, ever since then a new category “Most Push-ups in 24 Hours” was introduced. The current Guinness record for most push-ups in 24 hours is by Charles Servizio (USA) who completed 46,001 push-ups in just 21 hours, 6 minutes on 1993, April 24 to 25.

Cats have 90% survival rate falling from buildings as high as 30 stories

Many cats generally fall from high story buildings due to the syndrome called “high-rise syndrome”. Cats think that the windows are the path to freedom and fall from windows. Studies done on cats have shown that 90% cats survive with just injuries, when they fall from multi story buildings. Researchers claim that cats reach terminal velocity at about 5 or 6 stories after which they tend to relax and the force is evenly distributed on its body leading to fewer injuries.


There are chances that some cats may have severe injuries like Chest trauma and fractures. So if you are living in high-rise buildings, protect your cats by closing the windows or by having a thick screen.

Why do we yawn

Even animals and unborn babies in the womb yawn. Yawning is always associated with boredom, tiredness, stress, overwork, but the truth is that we may yawn even when we are about to become active. That’s why we yawn when we wake up.

Why do we yawn?
Why do we yawn?

Why do we yawn?

The actual cause of yawning remains a mystery and there are multiple theories attempting to explain why we yawn. Experiments with oxygen masks have shown that the theory humans yawn when in need of oxygen is incorrect. In fact, the amount of oxygen intake is lesser while yawning. Another theory explains that yawning is our body’s way of controlling brain temperature. One more theory explains that we yawn to stretch our muscles.

More than half of the people who hear or see others yawn will yawn, so yawning is really infectious. People who find it easy to empathize with others are more likely to be affected.

Some interesting facts about yawning:

– First yawn for a baby can happen in about 11 weeks after conception, while the baby is still in mother’s womb

– Yawn lasts about 6 seconds on an average

– 55% of people yawn within 5 minutes when they see or hear someone yawn and the remaining people will be at least tempted to yawn

– Our heart rate can rise up to 30% while yawning

Wondering how many times I yawned while writing this post? Just 8 times! I guarantee you will yawn at least once after reading this post on Why do we yawn.

Facts about Neptune

Some interesting facts about Neptune that you may not have heard before:
Discovery of Neptune:
As Neptune is dim and invisible to normal human eye the first observation of Neptune happened only after the invention of telescope. Galileo first observed Neptune in 1612 and then again in 1613 – this is evident from his drawings. But he mistook Neptune for a fixed star as Galileo was not able to notice the motion of the planet through his telescope. Apparently, he doesn’t hold the credit for the discovery of the planet.

Neptune was the first planet to have discovered through mathematical predication rather than astronomical observation. Neptune was discovered on September 23, 1846 by the French mathematician Urbain Le Verrier and the English mathematician John Couch Adams. Actually speaking both the mathematicians predicted the discovery, but it was actually found by the astronomer Johann Gottfried Galle. There were conversies between French and English on who really made the discovery, but the credit has been given to all three and it’s not a controversy anymore.

Farthest Planet:
As the International Astronomical Union in 2006 decided that Pluto isn’t a planet any more Neptune is the farthest planet from Sun. Neptune is 4,503,443,661 km from the Sun – that is 4.5 billion km or 2.8 billion miles approximately.

Voyager 2:
NASA’s Voyager 2 is the only spacecraft to visit Neptune and it took about 12 years for the spacecraft to reach Neptune. During Voyager 2’s flyby, it studied Neptune’s atmosphere, magnetosphere, rings and Neptune’s moons.

Moons of Neptune:
Neptune has about 13 moons and it’s more likely that there are many undiscovered moons in Neptune, since most of the 13 moons were discovered in the past few decades. Triton is the largest moon in Neptune and it was discovered just in 17 days after the discovery of Neptune itself. Triton is the seventh largest moon in the Solar System.

Symbol of Neptune:
The symbol for Neptune is a trident – a weapon associated with the Roman god Neptune.

Neptune Symbol
Neptune Symbol

Diameter of Neptune:
The diameter of Neptune is approximately 49,500 km or 30,447 miles which would make it the 4th largest planet in the Solar System, after Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus.

Temperature of Neptune:
The outer atmosphere of Neptune is one of the coldest places on the Solar System and it can go down to -218 °C. Temperature at the core of the planet can go up to 5,000 °C.

Mass of Neptune:
The mass of Neptune is 1.02 x 1026 kg which equivalent of 17.1 times of Earth’s mass.

Neptune’s fun facts:
Unlike the other moons in the Solar System, Neptune’s moon Triton and Nereid orbit in the opposite direction.

Neptune is bright azure blue in color

The diameter of Neptune is about 3.9 times the diameter of the Earth.

Picture of Neptune:

Picture of Neptune
Picture of Neptune


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Was Eiffel Tower built just as a temporary structure and planned to be demolished?

Eiffel Tower, the icon of Paris and the most widely visited paid monuments in the world was planned to be demolished in 20 years when it was built in 1889. When Eiffel Tower was built, people of Paris thought it was an eyesore and the City of Paris gave a permit for the tower to remain only for 20 years. But because of the popularity and the usage of tower in radio communications the tower was allowed to remain even after the expiry of permit. Eiffel Tower is painted every 7 years to prevent it from rusting since it was originally designed as a temporary structure. It’s funny, Eiffel Tower that was once considered to have no structure is a now considered as a structural masterpiece.Eiffel Tower Facts SuperbFacts

If you are planning to take a trip to Paris and worried if the tower is in good shape — don’t worry. Experts claim that they have applied some of the most demanding stress tests to the tower and the tower is in an excellent shape.

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